Release date for GG5 moved up!

So I don't know if you've heard...but the latest Gallagher Girls book by the wildly popular YA novelist, Ally Carter has been moved up...a whole week! Now some of you might be saying "Only a week?" But seriously people. This. Is. Big. Over at her blog, a bunch of her fans have been petitioning to get the release date moved up. And it HAPPENED. Normally these this don't happen. But of course there are exceptions such as John Green, whose new book The Fault in Our Stars was slated for mid-Spring, when his publishers noticed the outcry of the nerdfighters on John's blog. The release date was moved up...a whole lot. Now set for early January, John will hand sign every copy from the first print. That's 50,000 books. Thats a whole lot of signatures.
This doesn't happen very often. Usually it happens when a large number of fans comment and blog about how they want the release date moved up. But that's not to say you should pester your favourite authors. In fact, they usually don't have any control whatsoever as to when the book will be published (other than when they finish writing it, obviously.)
Point is, that Out of Sight, Out of Time will now be release on March 13, 2012. Be happy. Jump for joy. Run around in circles. Just remember: next time you're on Ally's (or any of your favourite authors') site, be sure to thank her. Tell her how much you love reading her books and how much you appreciate her efforts to write the best she can. That's all you can ask for.

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