Cover Reveals! The Iron Legends and The Lost Prince by Julie Kagawa

I recently joined the hordes of fans addicted to Julie Kagawa's Iron Fey series. So I was delighted to hear that 1) there will be a book released containing three Iron Fey short stories, and 2) there will be another book, a story about Meghan's brother Ethan, thirteen years after Iron Knight left off. The first book is...

The Iron Legends

Let's talk about this cover, starting with the Pros. 
1. I love the vines that you see for each novel in the series at the sides of the page. I love that for each book, they're different. 
2. My favorite parts of all the covers are the little tag lines. They give you a hint of what's to come, and I love reading them after I finish the book, when everything clicks. 
3. I have to say it. I love the dress and earrings Meghan is wearing. 
And I only have one Con:
They're not the same people as on the other covers. I am neurotic, and I like my covers to match. But honestly, I'm not buying the book for the cover. 
The next reveal is...

The Lost Prince

I've got no Cons for this one, guys. I love everything about it, from the cool designs that seem to cover Ethan's chest, to the chilling swirl of the R. But the creepy looking eyes really makes my heart stop. And look! It says "Book 1" above the title. Which means there will be more that one book! Also, did you notice how swoon-worthy Ethan is?
I am going to stop before I embarrass my self any further. I owe you guys a bunch of reviews, some of which I will be posting later this evening. 

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