Shine by Jeri Smith-Ready

Shine by Jeri Smith-Ready

Summary: In this dramatic conclusion to the Shade trilogy, Aura and Zachary’s relationship sizzles as the secrets of the Shift are revealed. 

Life can change in an instant, and no one understands that better than Aura. It’s been almost a year since her boyfriend tragically died. She’s finally letting go of Logan’s violet-hued ghost, but not her search to uncover the truth about her past. 

As the first in a generation that can see ghosts, Aura is convinced she has a connection to the Shift. She’s trusted Zachary, ever patient and ever by her side, with all that she knows. But when the government threatens his life in an attempt to learn Aura’s secrets, she will stop at nothing to protect herself and the one she loves...even if that means betraying her own heart.

Published: May 1, 2012
Series: Shade #3
Pages: 416

I was lucky to receive one of 20 ARCs of Shine, the final book in the Shade trilogy.  I've read the two previous novels in the series, and absolutely loved them. So I was practically jumping up and down when my ARC came in the mail. I started reading Shine a day after it came in to my mailbox and finished it late that night. I tore through the book, reading it whenever I had a spare moment.  I could not put it down. 
The plot of the story is intense and complex.  There was never a dull moment.  Shine's plot grew more an more complicated with each plot turn (and there were a LOT of them.)  

This series is amazing, so unlike any other YA out there.  And Shine is no exception. To say that it's a page-turner would be an understatement, I literally had to be forced to stop reading.  The tension and chemistry between Aura and Zachary is palpable as always, and OMG when I got to that scene (yes, that one) I probably squealed.  Which is a first, I'm not normally a squealer when I'm reading. I also must say kudos to Jeri Smith-Ready. The amount of research that must have gone into writing Shine? I don't know how she did it, the incredible patience she must possess to get through it all. But in the end, her hard work is what made the book so magical. As a side note, I loved all of the music references in the book. Music is very important to me, so I was delighted to find that music is still prominent in the last book.  Shine perfectly wraps up an amazing series and provides the answers to all major questions.

So much happens in Shine, many times throughout my reading I exclaimed aloud "Holy crap! Did that actually happen?" The action in this book is amazing.  Life and death situations are addictive for me. So I was very pleased on that front.  Also, it's well known among my friends that I LOVE Zachary Moore.  I love kilts.  He's still so swoon-worthy and broody in Shine.  And I can't wait to find out exactly what happens in Shattered, a story from his perspective that will be released this summer.  I also love Matin so hard. Just putting that out there.  

Shine is also very, very agonizing.  I just wanted to skip to the end to find out what happened.  And when I got there...okay I hate to say I didn't like the ending.  It's not as if I didn't like it, it just didn't trigger any emotions for me. I didn't connect with it as much as I did with the rest of the book. In addition I felt like the rest of the series was so different from other in it's genre.  And the ending was a bit predictable, and was something I'd expect from another book. And also the timeline is really funky. It was a bit hard for me to follow, but it made sense. 

Altogether, I freaking loved Shine.  It was breathtaking, and mind-blowing, and fuckin' mystical. (Sorry for the swear, I had to guys.)  It was the little details that made it so amazing. I'd probably give it  a 4.3 out of 5 stars. Which is still really good. You should pre-order it now. Barnes and Noble, Indiebound, where ever. Oh and if you pre-order from Constellation Books, you get a signed copy. Plus, it's shipped a whole week early!  And if you show your pre-order receipt to the folks at Kilt and Keeley, they'll send you an exclusive TeamKilt trading card. Which is awesome. You should go do that, like now. 

See you soon!

Oh and I also made a video review of Shine, if you want to see it, ask in comments and I'll post the link. 


*EDITED TO ADD: In the past, Constellation has received books 5-10 days before the release.  There is no promise of Shine to be shipped a week early.  They will however go out as soon as they're received (and signed, but they'll go out that night!)* 

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