Time Between Us by Tamara Stone

Pub Date: October 2012 
Publisher: Disney-Hyperion
Summary (from Goodreads): Anna and Bennett were never supposed to meet: she lives in 1995 Chicago and he lives in 2012 San Francisco. But Bennett’s unique ability to travel through time and space brings him into Anna’s life, and with him, a new world of adventure and possibility. 

As their relationship deepens, they face the reality that time might knock Bennett back where he belongs, even as a devastating crisis throws everything they believe into question. Against a ticking clock, Anna and Bennett are forced to ask themselves how far they can push the bounds of fate—and what consequences they can bear in order to stay together. 

Time Between Us was a perfect summer read! It’s a contemporary novel with time travel thrown in with the romance. I picked up an ARC on the first day of ALA, and had read it in time for the Monday signing. It was so much fun to read! I liked the romance, but never being in love I find it often astonishing that the characters can just know they love each other so quickly. I felt that there wasn’t enough of a build up, and that’s how I feel with a lot of books. Besides that, I loved everything. The witty banter, the adorable kissing scenes. I would give Time Between Us to fans of Anna and the French Kiss and Lola and the Boy Next Door, as well as fans of Timepiece who want to read more timeslip. Everything considered, I am giving Time Between Us 4 of 5 stars. And I honestly can’t wait for the companion :)
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  1. This one has been on my wishlist for a while. I'm glad you enjoyed it & I loved the review! =)

  2. Oooh! This book sounds so interesting. I've been on the fence about whether or not to read it once it comes out, so I'm on the hunt for some good reviewa--which everybody seems to be writing.
    And I'm so jealous you went to ALA!