Vote Zachary Moore!

The Shade series is a fantastic book series that unfortunately is not widely enough known.  But within those readers who know and love it, a group known as TeamKilt has grown. It started with the YA Crush Tourney last year, and against all odds we brought Zachary Moore, the fabulous Scot who stars in the trilogy, to the final. There were close calls, but through the strength of TeamKilt, the last seeded crush was boosted to the top. And although we didn’t win the final (the Cassie Clare fandom was just too large) we brought glory to Zachary and the series. In the process, TeamKilt was formed. Throughout the year that followed, new members joined in with the shenanigans. TeamKilt is a family for me, and I love participating in the fun. A few weeks ago, Zachary won his first match in the YA Crush Tourney. But we need all the help we can get going up against one of Cassie’s boys again. So please, vote for Zachary, the underdog we all love. The match starts at midnight tonight over at the YA Sisterhood. Don’t forget to vote! 


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