It’s August!

I haven’t been blogging as much recently, but I promise there’s good stuff on the way! Giveaways, anyone? And of course, a multitude of reviews and recommendations. But first, here’s a rundown of what’s going on this month!

1. Camp Nanowrimo! 

It’s basically the same thing as Nanowrimo, but in August! And there’s some super cool new features like cabins! It’s basically like a little group of alpha readers and/or cheerleaders.  I’m stoked to get some words down this summer. 

2. LeakyCon! 

HOLY CRAP GUYS. I AM SO FREAKING EXCITED! LeakyCon is a Harry Potter convention. Everyone who goes loves it. And there’s a whole Lit Track with some of my favorite authors. 

3. Contemporary month! 
Since contemps are pretty much the perfect summer books Monica and I are going to be reading some for August! I can’t wait! :)

P.S. I love y’all! Happy Esther Day :)

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